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Hi all and welcome to my blog. Thank you for popping in and feel free to have a good browse. I'm hoping to be adding cards on a regular basis, probably not daily but as often as I can. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you'll visit again soon.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Back From Hols

I'm back off my holiday now and trying to get back into the swing of things again. Had loads of washing to do but have more or less caught up on that now, thankfully. Not really in the mood for card making at the moment and my laptops on the blink so thats making things harder but hopefully I'll get back into the card making mood soon. Back to work for me tomorrow too after a six and a half week break so I'm not looking forward to that and the girls are also back to school. Once I'm back to the usual routine I will try and catch up on blog hoping and hopefully get a bit of inspiration.


Happy Crafter said...

Welcome back Wendy hope to see some cards as soon as you get round to it, i'm still struggling with my routine but lots of other stuff going off too so i'm snatching bits of spare time here and there but never enough to get much crafting done:(
Hugzz Val xxx

Beryl said...

Welcome back. Look forward to seeing some cards when you get going again - not easy when you've had a break I find.
Beryl xx